AVEVA Data Hub

AVEVA Data Hub (formerly OSIsoft Cloud Services) is a cloud-native platform for aggregating and sharing industrial operations data.

How AVEVA Data Hub works

Unlock new insights from your critical operations data by sharing real-time data with remote workers, business analysts, data scientists, and trusted partners. Deliver data directly to applications and analysis tools for faster time-to-value.
  • 고충실도 운영 데이터 저장 

    (PI Server에 저장된) 온프레미스 시스템뿐만 아니라 (Edge Data Store에 저장된) 원격 또는 IIoT 자산 등 서로 다른 출처로부터 데이터를 통합합니다.

  • 데이터 다듬기 및 라벨링

    원시 데이터 스트림을 가지런한 행 열 보기 형식으로 변환하여 기존 분석 도구에서 사용할 준비를 마칩니다.

  • 언제든지 온라인에서 트랜드와 요약 통계 확인

    같은 페이지를 빠르게 받아보세요. 간단하게 하이퍼링크를 보내는 것만으로도 운영에 관여하지 않는 동료들과 트랜드를 공유할 수 있습니다.

  • 시스템, 파트너 등과 안전하게 공유

    강력한 REST API를 사용하여 파트너, 서비스 공급업체, 머신 러닝 알고리즘 또는 기업 애플리케이션 및 보고서에 운영 데이터를 제공합니다. 운영 핵심을 보호하는 안전한 환경에서 이 모든 것을 할 수 있습니다.

OSIsoft Cloud Services OCS 다이어그램

AVEVA Data Hub benefits

  • 운영을 위한 구축

    AVEVA Data Hub's high-performance architecture handles the volume, variety, velocity and variability of industrial data. The Data Hub platform lets you enrich real-time data streams with contextual information to increase understanding and support more types of users. No cobbling together of related components; Data Hub is a ready-to-use operations data management platform.

  • 더욱 스마트하고 안전한 데이터 공유 

    Leverage the flexibility and scale of the cloud to create a data hub that can expand on-demand and be accessed from any device via existing infrastructure. Native integration between PI Server, Edge Data Store, and Data Hub means data moves securely between the three data storage options. Critical operations security is provided through proprietary software design and the underlying Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

  • 데이터 금광 활용

    Combine all the real-time operations data from your physical plants and remote operating assets to create a single source of truth. Let your teams visualize trends, identify anomalies, and perform advanced analyses from any location. Data Hub provides the foundation you need for smart manufacturing, a digital twin, predictive analytics, and more.

  • 관리는 우리에게 맡기세요

    The AVEVA Data Hub platform-as-a-service is ready to use from day one—no infrastructure development or maintenance required. Spend less time building and managing a data store and more time doing what matters to your business.

  • 사용한 것만 지불합니다

    AVEVA Data Hub is available on demand from the AVEVA Connect cloud services platform using Flex credits. AVEVA's Flex Program simplifies the purchasing process and gives you up-to-date consumption metrics. You have greater control over your budget and the ability to instantly scale as your needs change.

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City of Salem protects city drinking water with real time data analysis


Dominion Energy shares energy sources with customers

gas tanks and pipes on an industrial site

Allied Reliability reduces unplanned downtime for clients

자산 관리

Power companies boost reliability and safety with real-time data

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AVEVA Data Hub


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