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Downtimes is a solution that allows manage Maintenance KPIs.

Solution Overview

Currently, maintenance goes hand in hand with industrial technological development and has become a necessity for all organizations establish an effective maintenance management plan, that allows decision-making regarding preventive/corrective maintenance actions, also planning and execution tasks involved in the detention of equipment management. Downtimes solution allows the maintenance area execute the correct assignment of the equipment's stop time according to responsible area, in order to make a correctly KPIs calculation, analyze the activity and inactivity times of the process equipment, identify reasons for stopping and types of maintenance in flexible time periods, verify when and how many failures exist ordered by responsible area and workshop; is how Downtimes obtains a real-time overview of the general state of the plant and its available assets, facilitating decision-making and implementation of preventive measures to obtain short and long-term benefits, as well as optimizing the management process of maintenance.

Solution Approach

Downtimes system is developed under PI Event Frames and PI Web API architecture offered by PI System. PI Event Frames automatically creates an event when a process stop occurs, Downtimes offers the possibility of managing those events, giving the option to catalog detention by responsible area and add information related to it; like start and end date, responsible area, responsible workshop, line, equipment, system, component, failure modes and additional comments. Is how failure responsible and causes are identified, following up to understand the impact it causes on the company, take measures and prevent future detentions. While PI Web API offers the flexibility to use the system in web, desktop or mobile applications environment.

In addition to event management, Downtimes offers reportability through trends, statistical graphs and custom controls that summarize availability, usage, mean time between failures (MTBF), average repair time (MTTR), type of maintenance, number of failures and the detention times for managers and workshops, top ten detentions by equipment, top ten detentions by maintenance workshop, top ten detentions by Failure Modes, among others. Allowing monitoring and analyzing with the work team the current status of the process assets, knowing the productive and unproductive times, identifying the delays in the processes and the responsible area, attacking the weak points, examining the KPIs and improving the plant productivity.



  • Automatic generation of detention events.
  • Display of detention events.
  • Manual assignment of detention times to the responsible area (Maintenance, Operations, Unscheduled time)
  • Manual assignment of attributes related to maintenance (line, equipment, system, component, failure modes, comment, etc.)
  • Calculation and visualization of availability, use, MTTR, MTBF in real time from the data entered manually.
  • Top ten of assets, workshops, failure modes.
  • Dynamic lists using enumeration sets (failure modes, line, equipment, system, component).


  • Display of Maintenance indicators.
  • Identification of the responsible area for the greatest number of detentions.
  • Identification of the maintenance workshop with the largest number of detentions.
  • Identification of most frequent failure modes.
  • Identification of equipment that fails more frequently.
  • Access control and system permissions.

PI System Requirements

PI Asset Framework, PI System 2016, PI System Access

Solution Type

Downtime Tracking, Visualization


  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality, Increase Asset Health & Uptime


Applications for the PI System

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