GSN Replicator for OSIsoft PI System

by Global Security Network

GSN Replicator for OSIsoft PI System is a solution which provides real-time PI Data replication between a PI Server located in ICS/DCS/SCADA network and a PI Server located in Corporate Network.

Solution Overview

MICA, the GSN Replicator for OSIsoft PI Systems is the ultimate solution to Share, Consolidate or Distribute OSIsoft PI Systems across the Plant network boundary into the Corporate network and even farther in the Cloud. With MICA you will be able to reap all the benefits of Digitalization and Industry 4.0 without compromising the Security of your critical and safety systems. MICA will be the cornerstone of your OT/IT integration while minimizing your OPEX, giving you true real-time OSIsoft PI Systems replication and the peace of mind of a EAL 7+ certified solution.

Solution Approach

Nowadays, with the revolution of Industry 4.0 and with the Digitalization effort, Corporate users need to access historian data, which are usually located in the process network on OSIsoft PI Servers. Without proper controls in place, this will expose Critical Infrastructures to a major cyber security risk for the OT network. Since connectivity between IT and OT is required to access the OT PI Server, the OT network is exposed to all the threats from the IT network. Our solution, in conjunction with a Datadiode, provides corporate users with a real-time PI Data replication between the PI Server located in ICS/DCS/SCADA network and a PI Server located in Corporate Network. Using this solution, corporate users can access the PI Data through the corporate PI Server without impacting the security/availability of the DCS PI Server.

If the customers only require the GSN PI Replicator without Datadiode, it will offer them a robust, resilient, flexible and simple real-time PI replication solution. GSN PI Replicator is a true High Availability solution, meaning that it is single fault tolerant at the functional level: any single component of the solution can fail, the replication of meta data and value updates will continue without any delays. GSN PI Replicator is easy to install and to maintain thanks to its easy-to-use GUI and rich logs.



  • Unbreakable security with Fox Hardware Data Diode, the only product in the world certified Common Criteria EAL7+.
  • Never-fails, Continuous Availability with no Single Point of Failure. As a bonus, 100% Service Level during maintenance.
  • Real-time replication at any size from few to millions PI Points.
  • Comprehensive replication of PI Points, attributes, digitalsets (with changes) and values updates.


  • Low impact on your OSIsoft PI System resources thanks to minimizing impact on resources in your OSIsoft PI System.
  • Easy to Use, graphic management console and actionable key performance indicators.
  • Automatic recovery, MICA provides automatic recovery from external failures such as network disconnections, OSIsoft PI Data Archive data overflow or OSIsoft PI System unavailability.
  • Conflict management to avoid impact on your Archives. MICA provides conflict management to ensure no PI Points conflicts, and provides control mechanism to manage digitalsets.

PI System Requirements

PI System 2016 or later, PI System Access

Solution Type

IoT, Security


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Power Generation

Business Impacts



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