Vizion OW

by IT Vizion, Inc.

A professional tool to monitor the overall operating condition of your assets. A relentless Data Bot, scouting plant data 24/7 looking for emerging issues.

Solution Overview

Monitoring operating conditions of modern-day manufacturing assets is increasingly difficult, time-consuming and expensive, as the level of manufacturing automation rises to address an every-growing level of process complexity. The amount of data being generated in an automated facility is simply not manageable using traditional tools and techniques. Facility setbacks are caused not by the lack of data, but by the ability to see data promptly. Companies need a means to aggregate the monitoring of collections of critical data points into a higher-level presentation of the operating condition, at the asset level, rather than generating individual alerts on elements such as temperatures, pressures and flows in a vessel. Vizion OW satisfies these needs in a comprehensive solution, by aggregating relevant data tags into envelopes, alerts at a higher contextual level. It methodically compares current process conditions with the design limits of the equipment, the safe operating limits of the process, and various applicable environmental limits. And this analysis is done every 30-to-60 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day, for hundreds of pieces of equipment, using thousands of process tags.

? Helps protect your license to operate. Relentlessly seeks excursions beyond acceptable operating limits, windows & envelopes. ? Monitors operating condition of assets to support loss prevention, avoid surprises. ? Reduces Operational Risk, helps to react before excursion exacerbates. ? Reduces inconsistency, redundancy and inefficiency from the current manual configuration process. ? Leverages content in other applications. IT Vizion is ideally positioned to deliver the Operating Envelope System. Its background and experience working with high-resolution process data in major manufacturing facilities around the world provides a firm foundation upon which to deliver this next-generation operating condition monitoring capability.

Solution Approach

Vizion OW is a web based application that currently uses a PI JDBC connection to the PI System. Snapshots of Measured Variable tags are polled together with limits and these are then analysed in Vizion OW to determine significant and persistent excursions that need troubleshooting or require action to be taken. Vizion OW provides a web based interface to enable users to administer the operating window definitions and limits. Workflows are also provided to help users control changes to the definitions and also in how they respond to actionable events. The users have the option to provide even more insights by configuring complimentary visualizations of the operating windows and the excursions in PI Vision or 3rd party applications.


Solution Type

Asset Management, Condition Based Maintenance, Data Aggregation, Data Collection, Data Validation, Downtime Tracking, Energy Management, Environmental Compliance, OEE, Process Optimization, Safety Compliance


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Facilities
  • Food & Beverages
  • Hospital & Medical
  • Information Technology

Business Impacts

Evaluate Quality, Increase Asset Health & Uptime, Manage Risk & Regulatory, Advance Safety Performances


Applications for the PI System

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