Engineering Consultants Group, Inc

ECG is a software company that makes industrial applications that emphasize predictive analytics, remote monitoring of real-time process data with notifications, and advanced pattern recognition technology


Engineering Consultants Group is a firm that has specialized in advanced software and services for a vast array of industries and manufacturers since 1992. ECG builds high performance software solutions that help manufacturers streamline their processes and encourage proactive maintenance on machinery based on time series and event based data. Using pattern recognition and machine learning technologies, you will be able to know exactly what’s going on in your facility and know of any preventative maintenance that needs done, vastly increasing your bottom line.

ECG’s unique solutions include:

  • Predict-It: Uses Predictive Analytics, also known as Similarity Based Modeling, and Advanced Pattern Recognition technology to encourage proactive maintenance on machinery rather than reactive maintenance, which is more costly. Comes with a probability ranking system for likely faults called the Diagnostic Reasoner.
  • Glance: Through HTML5 Display Builders and a real-time graphical visualization client for OSIsoft PI System™, the solution shows real-time information, mines data, and builds dynamic process displays which are easy to view from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • E-Notification: OSIsoft PI System™ system bolt-on software for mobile monitoring and notification of process data via email and other messaging systems. Notifications can be both scheduled and event-based



3394 West Market Street 1862
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United States


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