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Customer Story

PI System helps Delfi ILS Solutions virtually train maritime crews

  • Challenge
    In-depth, onshore training needed for crews to operate ships and perform maintenance
  • Solution
    Real-time data coming from the PI System allowed Delfi to expand use of ShipView, a fully immersive training platform that helps crews learn how to perform maintenance and repairs more quickly and accurately
  • Benefits
    Crews are better able to operate vessels from day one using a scalable, cost-effective means of training

Seafarers on cruise ships and military craft work long hours, often seven days a week, in difficult jobs. This demanding work requires well-trained personnel familiar with the ship from the first day of operation. And because the crews change every year, it is imperative that they have access to a replicable, vessel-specific training program before they even set foot on the ship. Fincantieri, the fourth-largest shipbuilding group in the world, manufactures Carnival Cruise ships and military vessels. Delfi ILS Solutions, the company’s logistical arm, which is responsible for crew training, needed a cost-effective way to educate watercraft and support ships’ crews onshore. Given the unique needs of each vessel, a one-size-fits-all platform wasn’t enough. Delfi, therefore, introduced ShipView, a remote-training platform designed to transcend simple manuals. With the help of the PI System, crews began learning via a fully immersive platform that provides valuable simulated operational and maintenance training.

A virtual resource library

ShipView operates much like Google Street View, giving crew members and onshore teams virtual access to a walk-through of detailed 3D images and videos mapped from the vessels. Not only does ShipView show how the ship was made, it also displays everything from piping and wiring to critical assets, such as transmissions or engines. In addition, the program provides relevant materials—technical manuals, functional diagrams, parts catalogues, and other maintenance and operating videos—so that crew members have everything they need.

With [the PI System], we . . . are now able to show also the real-time monitoring parameters. We reduce the training cost at scale because you can train different crews with the same tool, and now we have only one system to do a more effective training.
Lorenzo de Francesco
Marine Engineer

Going deeper with the PI System

While the teams were pleased with ShipView, they required a more realistic view of the vessels and how they performed. To meet that need, they turned to the PI System to collect and monitor real-time data directly from the ship automation system. Delfi implemented a complete PI System, structured its data with Asset Framework, and published real-time dashboards using PI Vision. Now, real-time graphics and visuals are available right inside ShipView. “With [PI System] integration . . . we also have the operating parameters inside,” said Lorenzo de Francesco, a marine engineer at Delfi. “It’s really important for the crew to spot if a system is working correctly or not.”

Today, ShipView can show 3D simulations of assets connected to real-time PI System data. During training programs, the platform can use that data to reproduce specific asset states or conditions, allowing trainees to understand root causation as well as the effect of making any changes or repairs, all without ever touching a piece of onboard equipment.

Thanks to the PI System, ship crews are better prepared to operate vessels from day one. The solution allows Delfi to use a single system, making it a much more scalable, cost-effective means of training its crew.

delphi-figureDelfi ILS integrated the PI System into its ShipView training platform to provide real-time data for the tool’s 3D renderings of critical assets.

Training for tomorrow

Currently, onboard maintenance crews use technical publications, photos, and diagrams to fix and maintain ships. With the help of real-time data from the PI System, Delfi is planning to expand its use of ShipView into an all-in-one visualization tool that provides a fully interactive experience for its onboard maintenance staff. Using ShipView, maintenance crews will have access to digital resources, videos, real-time PI System data, and expanded onshore support—all within the 3D interface. This will give them a comprehensive view of asset behavior and allow crews to perform repairs and maintenance more quickly while boosting confidence in the accuracy of their work.

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